Motorbike Stillages

Bespoke / Custom sizes made to order

Our motorbike stillages can carry two motorbikes at a time by a forklift or pump truck. These stillages are idea for showing, storing or transporting, which will keep your motorbikes secure. We supply you with small posts for the stillages to be stacked on top of each other, when not in use, and big posts to fit your motorbikes when using. 

  • Ideal for Showing, Storing or Transporting. 

  • Removable posts to suit your needs

  • Heavy Duty 

  • Stackable 

  • Can be painted to a range of colours of your choice

  • We can alter size to suit your needs, completely bespoke to you. 

Please don't be hesitate to contact us below, if you require this product. 


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